Monthly Archives: September, 2010


Death, that word that sends cold chills down our spin. The thought of dying or being killed is unnerving for most of us. We love life and we love to live. That is the preoccupation of man. But death, what does that really mean. The end of life? or A change in state of being? or both.

No matter what your thoughts are, Death has this overwhelming power. This effect on us that even when we have been expecting it, and watch it slowly come, it still manages that blow below the belt that leaves the strongest man stunned and weak in the knees and the strongest woman with a broken heart.

The bible says “it is appointed to man once to die…” also, ”there is…a time to live and a time to die”. The big question at the point of death however always is…HOW DID YOU LIVE?

Live right now, so that you can Rest In Peace