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He is Risen!!!

John 20:1-18
The gospel of John gives an interesting narative of what happened on the first easter morning. Mary arrives at the tomb and finds it wide open! Distraught, she goes to inform the disciples, of which Peter and John hurry out to the tomb. We are told that John out ran Peter but on getting to the tomb, only peered in to see. Peter arriving later, goes straight into the tomb and there he sees the linen and the head cloth  carefully folded and laid apart. Both men then leave the tomb and return home. Mary however, stayed back. Peering again into the tomb, she sees two angels sitting in there. Turning back out, she encounters the risen Lord!!!
The experiences of these three people reminds me of how easy it is to miss an encounter with the Lord. Sometimes we can be over excited and miss the details like John. Sometimes we are just not patient enough, like Peter. But if we, like Mary stay on, then the master will show himself to us and what an encounter that will be!!!

Halleluyah!! Happy Easter

I knew weeks ago that I would like to write something about easter. When I woke this morning, I couldn’t stop singing this song as the Holy Spirit ministered to my spirit. Yes! I stand with all creation and tell the wonders of its Lord and King. No doubt the greatest wonder is that of providing a way for mankind to be saved from the power of is and from judgement. This wonder is what we celebrate this most holy weekend. Jesus came to break the power of sin. The power of sin that could only be satisfied by a sinless death. Christ – God himself – came took my place and now I can stand in the reality of that exchange and know that I am his forever.

This is the reality of what God has done for us. This is the wonder he wants us to embrace. This is the new life he gives…stand and sing and lets tell the wonders of creation’s KING!!!  Happy Easter.