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God Loves You

God loves You

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Love is the greatest desire of the human race. We all have a need to be loved; a need to be valued by someone else. Today, millions of people all around the world will be suffering from loneliness, depression and low self-esteem. Many of them will try to find help by using drugs, alcohol or sex. Some will attempt suicide and unfortunately some will succeed.

As you read this, you might see yourself or someone you know. The good news is there is a Goodnews! the Goodnews is that God is love and God loves you. God loves every single human being and that includes you, your family, your friends, strangers on the street or next door!!

God is Love and God loves you!

God loves them all and it a strong passionate love that led Him to go all the way to ensure that you (and every person) can have a direct connection to him at anytime. This means no more loneliness – God is your friend and is always with you. No more depression – God has come to save you. No more low self-esteem – You are worth a whole lot to God.

This means no more loneliness – God is your friend and is always with you.

This is the Goodnews – the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came into the world to pay the price for your sins so that you through faith in Him (Jesus Christ) could meet God’s righteous criteria. Only death could pay for our sins and only a righteous man’s blood would be good enough. Jesus met all these criteria and now through his death on the cross and the shedding of his righteous, sinless blood, we can have peace with God.

Will you take this Goodnews to heart today so that it can transform your life? Will accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for you? Remember God Loves you. Will you accept His Love today?

If you are saying yes, I want to accept God’s love through Jesus today, then read this page and get in touch with me. If you will like to know more, please send me a message

Halleluyah!! Happy Easter

I knew weeks ago that I would like to write something about easter. When I woke this morning, I couldn’t stop singing this song as the Holy Spirit ministered to my spirit. Yes! I stand with all creation and tell the wonders of its Lord and King. No doubt the greatest wonder is that of providing a way for mankind to be saved from the power of is and from judgement. This wonder is what we celebrate this most holy weekend. Jesus came to break the power of sin. The power of sin that could only be satisfied by a sinless death. Christ – God himself – came took my place and now I can stand in the reality of that exchange and know that I am his forever.

This is the reality of what God has done for us. This is the wonder he wants us to embrace. This is the new life he gives…stand and sing and lets tell the wonders of creation’s KING!!!  Happy Easter.